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3 Reasons I Take Issue with “Bipolar Disorder”

Brooke Baron
November 18, 2020

As we learn more about our cognitive disorder, the brain/mind, and mood, it’s natural that the names of various diagnoses will evolve, or change. But I am not convinced that “bipolar disorder” is a good representation of what I (and others with this diagnosis) experience. Here’s why. In 1980, the DSM-III changed the name of...

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The “Mental Tug-of-War” of Bipolar Mixed Episodes

JB Burrage
August 4, 2020

Mixed episodes of mania and depression aren’t easy to spot, but when they hit, they’re among my most exhausting experiences. Not only did I learn how these mood episodes affect me, but I realized the risk they carry—and that is my biggest fear. “Mood Episodes with Mixed Features,” aka Bipolar Mixed Episodes Something that I...


Managing My Ongoing Mixed Episode During Big Life Changes

Jessica Taylor
May 2, 2020

I quickly shifted from excited to manic, then suddenly found myself deep in a mixed episode. The ups and downs—the simultaneous but opposing moods—have been overwhelming. Here is how I’m adjusting to a new job while also getting a handle on my bipolar symptoms. New Job, New Bipolar Hurdles I started a new job four...

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Wired and Tired: Untangling a Bipolar Mood Episode with “Mixed Features”

Brooke Baron
September 2, 2019

Experiencing a mood episode with “mixed features” can be especially confusing. You might ask yourself, “Am I up? Or am I down?” And, sometimes, the answer is, well … BOTH. What Is a Bipolar Mood Episode with “Mixed Features”? Doctors classify particular bipolar episodes as having “mixed features” (or a “mixed features specifier,” MFS, for...


Bipolar Disorder and Paranoia: Understanding the ‘Horror Stories’ We Create

Carin Meyer
April 24, 2018

With bipolar paranoia, it is easy to create our very own horror stories. But when we want to shut our eyes, we need to look. We are all storytellers. We forge stories in our imaginations. And it is in fear that we create our most elaborate tales. When it is dark in grizzly country, and...


What is a Mixed Episode?

Julie A. Fast
April 4, 2018

A bipolar disorder mixed episode can cause you to feel abnormally restless, and can be chaotic as well as confusing. Understanding what they are can help you make choices to prevent them.   A mixed episode  (also called dysphoric mania or mixed mania) occurs when the criteria for both a major depressive episode and a...


How to Recognize and Prevent Mixed Episodes—for Good

Carin Meyer
March 16, 2018

A bipolar mixed episode is a uniquely confusing and agitating experience, but you can prevent this by recognizing the early signs of a coming episode. I sat at dusk, my arms around my knees, at the junction of a turbulent and muddy river and the slow, dark water of an ocean inlet. As I sat...


FDA approves pill with sensor that digitally tracks if patients have ingested their medication

bp Magazine
November 15, 2017

The FDA has approved Abilify MyCite, a pill with a sensor that digitally tracks if patients have ingested their medication   U.S. Food and Drug Administration—November 13, 2017, Silver Spring, MD— The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the first drug in the U.S. with a digital ingestion tracking system. Abilify MyCite (aripiprazole tablets...


Welcome to My Dysphoric Manic World

Julie A. Fast
May 5, 2017

It’s not pretty. When dysphoric mania shows up, I go into hyper-vigilant mode in order to get stable.   Mania is a bipolar disorder mood swing that comes in two levels: hypomania and full blown mania. Within these levels -0r intensity- of mania, there are two TYPES of mania: euphoric and dysphoric.  Most of us understand euphoric....


5 Ways to Recognize Mixed States In Childhood Bipolar Disorder

Tanya Hvilivitzky
April 13, 2017

Since mixed mood states are more common in children with bipolar, here’s what to look for:   #1 What is it? As a rule, bipolar disorder presents as episodes of depression, mania and/or mixed symptom states. Mixed means expressing both depressive and manic behaviors simultaneously—and children and some adolescents show a greater percentage of these...


The Differences Between Childhood and Adult Bipolar Disorder

bp Magazine
March 5, 2017

Here’s how bipolar in young children contrasts with adult-onset bipolar disorder:   No longer rare One study that looked at bipolar symptoms in children under 18 is shedding light on why psychiatrists used to think pediatric bipolar disorder was a rare diagnosis, says Francis Mark Mondimore MD. “Although adolescents with bipolar have symptoms similar to...


Positivity and Love Helped This Man Support His Wife

Liza Brock
August 19, 2015

How this husband found hope and understanding while supporting his wife through the worst of her bipolar episodes and to her recovery.   They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul and with my wife Liza, you could often tell what sort of day she was having and what mood she may...


General Hospital’s Maurice Benard: Man With A Message

Elizabeth Forbes
July 1, 2014

Maurice Benard sees his new movie project as another way to raise awareness and reach out to others with bipolar. By Elizabeth Forbes, bp Magazine editor   When it comes to bipolar on the screen, actor Maurice Benard is in a unique position. He plays a TV character with bipolar disorder—and was himself diagnosed with...


Still Here

Melody Moezzi
November 4, 2013

Those of you who follow this blog regularly may have noticed that I didn’t post last Monday. Before last week, I hadn’t missed a single post in the nearly three years I’ve been blogging for BP Hope. This wasn’t just some random oversight on my part. Rather, I’ve decided to start blogging every other week...


Mixed Episodes: Bipolar’s Most Dangerous Mood State

Melody Moezzi
October 21, 2013

Mixed episodes combine the hopelessness of depression with the impulsivity of mania—resulting in a dangerous combination that needs to be properly and quickly managed. In last week’s post, I wrote from a present perspective––as opposed to my standard past one––in admitting that I was in the midst of a pretty nasty depressive episode. While the...


More than Semantics: Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Melody Moezzi
June 3, 2013

When people say they have “bipolar and depression” or “bipolar and hypomania,” it represents a lapse in the understanding of our illness. Depression and mixed states are part of bipolar, not a separate illness all-together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard others with bipolar disorder say that they have “bipolar and depression”...


Can Medication Cause Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder

Chato Stewart
April 24, 2013

In the last 10 years I’ve only had 2 medications stop working.  I BELIEVE it was due to the way the medication was delivered to my body.  I had to take 2 pill/capsules (150mg: total of 300 mg) a day. It seemed like my mood would heighten about 3 to 4 hours after I took...


Can’t Sit Still

Melody Moezzi
November 12, 2012

Recently I attended a NAMI support group where I met a gentleman who simply couldn’t sit still. During that 90-minute meeting, he got up; slowly walked out of the room, the tennis balls on his walker barely doing whatever job they were meant to do; then returned shortly after to sit down again. He repeated this...


Mixed Nuts

Marybeth Smith
August 19, 2012

In a blender … or maybe that’s on the rocks? Shaken…. not stirred!? Yeah it’s kinda like that lately. One minute I’m cleaning my basement to the point of no return…. and we’re talking underneath the couch cushions and everything! Then the next I’m sitting in bed wondering how I’m going to get through until...

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Manic Behavior & Mistaken Thinking: Are You Sending Mixed Messages?

Stephen Propst
August 5, 2012

Owning our diagnosis and being accountable for our words and actions will help us with relationships and put us on a steady path with our bipolar. Looking back, I realize now that for years I made managing bipolar and maintaining relationships more difficult by sending mixed messages. My rendition of what I was saying and doing conflicted with what...