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Hypomanic Productive Procrastination––It’s Fun, I Swear!

Marybeth Smith
January 8, 2012

When I’m hypomanic, I get things done, but never what I’m supposed to. I’m too distracted by all the new projects that I start and then absolutely HAVE to finish. That has been my week. Hypomaniacly getting TONS of stuff done … that has nothing to do with what I should be doing. I should...


My Dysphoric Hypomanic Episode

Julie A. Fast
January 1, 2012

Between the symptoms of being hypomanic and crushing depression, we can help soften the blow and establish some mood-related equilibrium. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 16 years ago (yikes!). I created and follow a management plan, I take my meds, and I have a good support team. I’ve become an “expert” on bipolar disorder...


Another Danger of Dating with Bipolar – Flirting with Death

Chato Stewart
November 2, 2011

In last Wednesday’s BP Hope Mental Health Humor post, we talked about sharing your experiences for the Winter issues Sound-Off section. The post titled “How do you navigate the dating scene with bipolar” took a somewhat humorous look at the dating scene with my “dating rules” for people living with Bipolar Disorder. We got some...


Bipolar & Managing Triggering Memories

Beth Brownsberger Mader
October 9, 2011

Flashbacks from the past can be enough to set you off but management is key. By Beth Brownsberger Mader   I hate corn dogs. I hate how they look. I hate how they smell. I hate how they taste. The corn dog, 35 years ago, served as the cruel catalyst for me in the release...


Ask the Doctor: Bipolar I Vs. Bipolar II

Jane Mountain, MD
August 10, 2011

Distinguishing the difference between both forms of bipolar disorder can be daunting.  After years of being unsuccessfully treated for depression, my doctor has given me a diagnosis of bipolar II. How does bipolar II differ from bipolar I? Bipolar I and bipolar II are the most common types of bipolar illness. In both, depression is prominent and composes...


Bipolar Disorder, Mania, & Career Achievement

Robin L. Flanigan
May 7, 2011

Bipolar disorder and high achievement often go hand in hand. Even so, it can become tough to toe the line. By Robin L. Flanigan      Steve Millard just blurted it out. “I’m leaving,” he informed his boss, who’d walked into Steve’s office unexpectedly. “I’m going to start my own business.” And in that moment, Steve...


Fighting the Myth of Mania

Melody Moezzi
May 1, 2011

It’s not surprising that spring can also push some of us with bipolar disorder toward the manic end of the bipolar spectrum. There’s something ridiculously alluring and intoxicating about spring—with her tulips and daffodils and cherry blossoms, not to mention her festivals, fairs and farmers’ markets. More than any other season, she inspires whimsy, wonder and...


The Beauty of Euphoric Hypomania

Julie A. Fast
March 24, 2011

Have you ever experienced euphoric hypomania? I sure have. I stay depressed about 75% of the time- usually going in and out of mild to moderate depression. I often get suicidal from outside triggers and medication problems. So when the hypomania shows up, it is the most beautiful, expansive, sweet and wonderful experience where I...


Working Overtime: Managing Your Career & Bipolar Disorder

Julie A. Fast
February 11, 2011

Managing your bipolar disorder is a job in itself, adding multiple careers into it can make your recovery rough. By Julie A. Fast   One would think that, being a writer, speaker and coach on the comprehensive management of bipolar disorder, I would have my bipolar completely under control. Unfortunately, it’s not true. The reality...


MANIC or just ME

Bruce Goldstein
December 13, 2010

  A few days ago my mind was racing. I was moving a mile a minute. I was Tweeting and texting and emailing and updating my status every five minutes and I was writing my next book and my next screenplay and then I made an appointment with a broker to buy an apartment for...

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Unipolar vs. Bipolar Depression: What’s the Difference?

Donna Jackel
October 1, 2010

Bipolar depression disrupts and devastates lives, and tends to dominate the course of a person’s illness. Yet, it’s still difficult to diagnose and treat. It is the manic phase of bipolar disorder that attracts—no, demands—attention. But those who have the illness, or love someone who does, know it is depression that most disrupts and devastates...


Dare to Tell: Disclosure in the Workplace

Stephanie Stephens
May 1, 2010

When, if at all, is the right time to bare all about your disorder? By Stephanie Stephens   High low, high low, it’s off to work you go. Question is: to tell or not to tell. Your peers with bipolar relay a very mixed bag of experiences in the workplace—some encouraging, some definitely not. Still,...


Bipolar Disorder & Genetics: Passed Down Through The Family Tree

Sara Solovitch
May 1, 2010

Generation to generation, family members observe and reflect on patterns of bipolar.   For some families, bipolar disorder runs through the generations as invariably as freckles or cleft chins appear in other family trees. Even so, looking for your family’s source of bipolar disorder can be a little like searching for the headwaters of the...


Resiliency: Bouncing Back from Relapse

Julie A. Fast
February 16, 2010

Recovery is not about never getting sick again—it’s about bouncing back when you do. I often feel as if I’ve stepped back in time when I get really sick. I think, “How could this happen again? I’ve worked so hard to get where I am!” Just a few weeks ago, I made this comment to my therapist after I had trouble at work and went into a depression....


Recognizing & Coping with Hypomania

Beth Brownsberger Mader
November 1, 2009

It is important to recognize symptoms of hypomania, regardless of whether you have experienced them before. As if having bipolar weren’t enough to manage, a few years back I also was diagnosed with PTSD—the fallout from six months in an abusive workplace. The kicker was when I got cornered in my office by an angry coworker...


Ask The Doctor: Hard Facts on Soft Bipolar

Steven Weisblatt, MD
May 1, 2009

Here are some tips on how to handle the highs and lows of soft bipolar. By Steven Weisblatt, MD   Did you know that more people experience milder forms of bipolar disorder than its “classical” presentation? Bipolar spectrum disorder—also known as “subthreshold bipolar disorder” or “soft bipolar disorder”—is diagnosed when there are many symptoms of...


For When You Miss Your Bipolar Disorder Mania

Laura Yeager
May 8, 2008

We may romanticize mania at times, but would you really will the extremes of your illness back into existence, even if you could? By Laura Yeager Everybody thinks relief from severe mood swings is a wonderful thing. It is, but sometimes, remission does have its drawbacks. People can be sick with bipolar disorder for years....

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Krista’s Story: On Her Way to Wellness

Brenda Alesii
February 1, 2006

How a woman went from wandering with bipolar disorder to living well Krista is a road warrior. “My car is my office,” proclaims the Dublin, California, pharmaceutical sales representative. It is a good thing because Krista has wanderlust in her blood. At the age of 30, she has already traveled to Hawaii, Europe, New Zealand,...


Jane Pauley: The Sanest Person in TV

November 23, 2005

Pauley is a pioneer of beating the stigma of bipolar disorder By Lizzie   Jane Pauley has always considered herself a lucky person, long before she was a celebrity with glamorous friends and a life of worldwide adventure. When she was still a teenager growing up in Indiana, she developed a theory to explain the...