5 Celebs Who Depend on Their Emotional Support Animals

Last Updated: 28 Aug 2018

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is a companion pet that offers support to an owner who has a mental or emotional health condition by reduce their owner’s anxiety and the feelings of alienation.*

#1) Bradley Cooper

The “Silver Linings Playbook” actor can often be found taking his beloved Chow-retriever mix, Charlotte, for a walk. He rescued her during an adoption drive in Santa Monica, California. “I fell in love with her immediately,” he said. He has also been known to bring Charlotte to his movie sets.

#2) Selena Gomez

The singer, who recently opened up about her struggles with anxiety and depression after canceling the remainder of her Revival tour in 2016, has six dogs for comfort and support—most are rescues. She said of Chip, a Corgi mix, “He just wants to be loved. It doesn’t matter who you are.” (Photo source: www.instagram.com/beatacollins)

#3) Miley Cyrus

Miley has had multiple dogs that she can be seen cuddling on Instagram. The star, who has been open about her struggles with depression, adopted a Rough Collie named Emu Coyne after her Alaskan Klee Kai, Floyd, passed away in 2014 and later posted on Instagram including the phrase: “It’s taken some time to be ready for this next step and loving again.” (Photo source: www.instagram.com/mileycyrus/)

#4) Ryan Gosling

Ryan’s late dog George went practically everywhere with him, including TV appearances. Ryan was able to fly with George (thanks to his Emotional Support Animal registration) and often talked about him as a trusted friend: “George is way more interesting than me. I’d much rather talk about him.” (Photo sources: commons.wikimedia.org/;  instagram.com/evamendes)

#5) Britney Spears

The pop princess has five dogs for emotional support, including an adorable Yorkie named Hannah. When she first got the dog, Spears tweeted, “I want you all to meet my new little baby girl Hannah Spears. How cute is she?!?!” and “Hannah” replied from her own twitter account: “Aww thanks mommy—I love you.” (Photo source: Twitter.com/BritneySpears)


* Although ESAs are permitted in more public places than companion pets, there are some restrictions that limit their entry into some public areas. Make sure that you research where your ESA is permitted before you travel with them. Only mental health professionals (psychiatrists, clinical social workers, therapists, psychologists, etc.) are permitted to designate your pet as an ESA. For more information on emotional support animal legislation in the United States, visit www.ada.gov.


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  1. I want a dog. Maltichon. But my spouse just thinks he will end up taking care ❤ of it. I have had bipolar 20+ years. I see what my grand-dog Apollo is there for my son. He is wonderful and loving. How do I convince my husband that I will be able to take care of it and she will will make me better? Thanks, Teresa

    1. Hi Theresa, I hope you find some way to convince him! Nothing against the celebrities they show with their animals but something tells me they aren’t the ones cleaning up after them lol. I had a very loving indoor only cat for years and never realized how much better he made me feel until he was gone. I’d get aggravated when I’d come home from work, tired and hungry; the last thing I wanted to do was clean his litter box. He had a habit of covering his messes with litter by scraping most all of it out onto the floor. My husband and I now live in a small apartment but will be moving soon. He wants a bigger dog that stays outside and I want a small inside dog or cat. He doesn’t want any animals inside but he won’t get what he wants if I don’t…so maybe bargaining??

  2. I suffer from Bipolar . I had a Boston Terrier named Xena..she lived for 17 years..I had to put her down in 6 weeks ago..she was not certified..registered or a companion or therapy dog…she was all that and more..I literally grieve for her like I lost a human in my life..I never realized though that she really helped me with all the crazy crap that comes with being bipolar..till she was not here anymore..I totally agree with everyone comments..and especially the woman who cannot have her dog with her in the house..it is better then any medication i have ever taken having a furry animal by your side through thick and thin..who always loves you..with no judgement and is loyal to you to the very end..I swear my Xena would look at me with all these different expressions..and always knew the perfect time when she would come up tp me and nuzzle her nose on my hands so i would cradle her pet her and she just helped so much with me living my life..since she has been gone i have been triggared into manic..depression..rapid cycling throughout a 24 hour period.miss her with everything in me..a true friend..and furry buddy..just had to let people here know bout my perfect therapy..companion or whatever the names are for these animals…..blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. I totally agree! My maltipoo Sugar and my dove Daisy and Parakeet Yocchi are the only company I have had for these past 2 months of my severe drop into bipolar depresssion and high anxiety with insomnia, am having to move after my daughter going to college for her 2nd year, am so alone and having to get used to another medication for sleep and bipolar depression, These animals are why i get up every morning to care for them and the love they return is 10000 fold! Dog spelled backward is God, thats no mistake!

  3. I think emotional support animals can be great if someone if suffering with mental illness, anxiety, ptsd and many other ailments

    1. Agreed!

  4. I can’t express how much my animals mean to me. When I lost the last and closest support animal( she also due to med changes watched out for me. One med gave me a side effect of vertigo and I fell often. She was there in case I was out to wake me so I could call for help) I was devastated.

    I couldn’t get out of bed for weeks. My husband knew how important Teddy ( my bichon lifeline) was to my mental health. He knew as each of my kids (6 dogs, 3 birds and a cat) passed. All have lived long lives 22 to 14 yrs. Teddy was the closest and youngest. Also the most empathic to me.

    Easter he went to his families home. I am guilty of rarely going to holidays. My heightened empathy in a huge family in a small space overwhelms me. I digress but one event sitting next to a step father of one member he just lost his wife. I felt sitting next to him his back to me “Oh flock. He’s going to take his life.” He turned and looked at me and gave a wane smile. Looking in his eyes omg. I was sure of it. What the hell was I going to do? Less than 2 weeks later they found him dead.

    Easter my husband called me from his families home asking if I wanted a puppy ( sly fox made up a story she was needing a home because a 73 yr old lady couldn’t keep her. Bad liar). I said yes before God knew about it.

    When he got home and brought in Abby ( I still was in bed), and set her on the bed. She is a wire hair/smooth hair doxie. And then she just started romping and doing silly things. I picked her up to a thousand kisses. Within a half an hour my mood was improved by half.

    She slept with me every night. In the crook of my arm like I was craddiling a baby. Flat on her back totally trusting. Half the time I rolled over and in the morning turned on to my pillow to only to open my eyes face to face with a dog face staring at me. Huge morning lick later.

    Now due to hardship we are staying at my sister in laws and she is unable to have Abby in the house. And as I am in someone else’s home I have to respect her wishes. But it’s killing me not to have Abby to hold.

    People here don’t understand the connection and say I can go outside and see her. And I do. But they are unable to understand the difference of holding her with me in bed even if it’s for just a few hours what the difference.

    They are now as the stress is sending me into,I started to recognize the signs of a very episode coming. Every moment and lifeline I need will help.

    Sorry all but the bottom line. These animals are not average pets to us. They are as much a prescription for help as meds are.

  5. I have two emotional support cats registered on supportdogcertification.org. I know they do not have the public accesses as the service animals do and they shouldn’t for they do not receive any special training in advance. I suffer the anxiety and depression and the apartment has “no pet” policy, and the support animal certification is of importance at this point.

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