Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

Learn about some of the many famous people diagnosed and living with bipolar disorder.

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Wambui Bahati’s Inspirational Balancing Act

Brenda Alesii
February 7, 2005

One woman’s story about balancing life on Broadway with bipolar disorder By Brenda Alesii   Ten years ago, John-Ann Washington disappeared. Sort of. John-Ann Washington was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, 54 years ago. She was named after her grandfather, but legally changed her name in 1995 to reflect a new facet of her life....


Hollywood Kid Carrie Fisher and Her Best Awful

David Staba
November 7, 2004

Carrie Fisher opens up about the best awful times of her life–addiction, psychotic breaks, hospitalization and recovery. For most of a life spent squarely in the public spotlight, Carrie Fisher thought the nights she couldn’t sleep or the times she couldn’t stop talking came with life in Hollywood. So too, she thought, of the crushing...