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4 Things You NEED To Do If Relapse Is On The Horizon

Jodi Helmer
July 24, 2019

Relapse is a normal part of everyone’s treatment journeys, but its effects don’t have to be devastating. It is possible to lessen the negative impacts of relapse by having proactive strategies in place to make sure you stay safe. Here are four, recommended by some of the top researchers in the field : #1 Take...


5 Essential Tips For A Successful Psychiatrist Appointment

Kea Paton
June 17, 2019

Although it is a vital part of our management, seeing a psychiatrist can be intimidating. So it’s useful to plan ahead and examine how you can get the most value from your visit. When you’re feeling scared about an upcoming psychiatrist appointment, keep in mind that they are trained to HELP you. Here are five...


Seeking Professional Help Isn’t a Bad Thing

JB Burrage
June 9, 2019

There can be a lot of concerns and trust issues when seeking professional help. But it’s a must to keep our mental health in check. Not too long ago, I met my new psychiatrist. The one I was working with since I moved to Atlanta in 2014 retired. I was actually feeling a little down...


Who Do You Need on Your Bipolar Care Team?

Valerie Harvey
April 5, 2019

Assembling a care team comprised of trained professionals, family, and friends is crucial to building the support system you’ll need while navigating bipolar The first reactions of someone just recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder often include denial, horror, shame, fear, anger and a host of other negative feelings. Shame and denial have been the strongest...


4 Things Not to Do when Your Therapist Retires

Julie A. Fast
April 4, 2019

When you’ve come to depend on your therapist, learning they’re retiring can be devastating. While searching for a new one, avoid these common behaviors. I thought I would be fine when my therapist retired after almost 13 years together. After all, I didn’t really need a therapist, right? I know how to manage my bipolar....


Beyond CBT: See Which Psychotherapy Fits Your Bipolar

Robin L. Flanigan
October 9, 2018

Whether you challenge your negative thought patterns and emotions or greet them with acceptance, there’s more to psychotherapy than the widely used practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for improving mental health.   There’s certainly no universal formula when it comes to therapy. The style, the approach, the expectations—all of it is as unique as the...


Why You Need to Be Honest With Your Doctor—Even When It’s Scary

Natasha Tracy
March 16, 2018

Although you may be scared to talk to your doctor about certain symptoms of bipolar or of co-occurring psychiatric conditions, it’s important to be honest anyway.   Over the course of my bipolar disorder, I’ve had many symptoms of bipolar disorder and symptoms of other mental illnesses as well, and I haven’t always wanted to be...


Troubleshooting Trouble with Individual Therapy

Allison Strong
March 14, 2018

It may be difficult when you have to change therapists with individual therapy, however having an honest discussion with your new therapist can pay off.   What happens when suddenly, for whatever reason, your doctor can no longer see you? Maybe they retired or are on a leave of absence. We all have issues. I KNOW...


Making Peace With Your Meds

Robin L. Flanigan
January 4, 2018

No one loves needing to take daily medications for a chronic condition, but confronting your barriers to adherence assures a better outcome for bipolar disorder. Making the decision to go on medication for bipolar disorder—and sticking with it to find some-thing that works—can be a hard-fought battle. It’s common to have doubts about the diagnosis...


‘Back to School’: Learning to Handle the Intense Emotions of Bipolar Disorder

Allison Strong
September 8, 2017

DBT therapy for bipolar disorder is all about “getting clear” on what you want by handling intense emotions and relationships that “invalidate” us. by Allison Strong     I just finished a 24-week semester, or “module” in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, DBT.  The Mindfulness-based program must be taking effect. People I see infrequently keep asking me...


Why Bipolar Disorder is So Hard to Diagnose, and What You Can Do About It

April Michael
July 25, 2017

If you suspect a loved one may have bipolar disorder, here are simple ways that you can help them be properly diagnosed: This post may be too late for many people here, but my hope is that it will help people struggling with possible bipolar disorder in their life or someone else’s. For me, it...


Bipolar Recovery Can Be The Toughest Job In The World – We Deserve Some Credit!

Melody Moezzi
July 5, 2017

Recovery is absolutely a team sport. Not only do you need to recruit the best players, but you need to train them.     I suck at sports. I’m neither proud nor ashamed to admit it. It is simply a fact: I am not the athletic type. I am, however, the organized type. I recognize...


3 Ways to Handle Intrusive Bipolar Flashbacks

April Michael
May 16, 2017

Bipolar flashbacks are intrusive and painful––which can really take a toll on the mind and body. But there are ways you can successfully manage this symptom. The past year has been remarkable in the lifecycle of my bipolar disorder because it is the first time I have experienced a total lack of symptoms. I could...


What Is It About Horses that Help Our Mental Health?

bp Magazine
April 24, 2017

The healing power of horses assists many people, including those with bipolar disorder; read on: What is equine therapy? According to PsychCentral, equine therapy is an “increasingly popular experiential treatment where individuals interact with horses in a variety of activities, including grooming, feeding, walking and equine games, for improving their psychological health.” Both a licensed...


7 Psychological Benefits of Pets When You Have Bipolar Disorder

bp Magazine
March 23, 2017

Companion animals provide many positive effects to our mental and emotional health. Here are seven: #1 Normalizing brain chemistry In a University of Missouri study, scientists documented that petting a dog can cause a spike in one’s serotonin level—the neurotransmitter that most antidepressants attempt to increase. Pets can profoundly change the biochemistry of our brains....


Finding The Right Psychiatrist Takes Time: Be Your Own Advocate

Dave Mowry
February 6, 2017

I have had some good doctors––but I have also had some bad providers too. This is about the bad medical care providers in hopes that you will see that this happens to all of us and so we can learn to become our own advocate. I have been under medical care for my bipolar disorder...


My Life with Bipolar: Why My Primary Isn’t My Shrink

Allison Strong
February 3, 2017

Opting for this shortcut left me long on reasons not to take it anymore. Look, I get it. It’s cost, convenience and to some extent, an instinctive need for familiarity. Who knows us better than our Primary Care Physician? When I had my first manic episode, I was hospitalized, stabilized and diagnosed with bipolar disorder....


This Is How I Rebuilt My Life

Susie Johnson
January 12, 2017

Feeling like you may have hit rock bottom? Here are steps to rebuild your life while dealing with bipolar disorder symptoms. By Susie Johnson   As the New Year begins, I reflect on another new beginning 16 years ago. I had hit rock bottom. I’d moved to Virginia. With my bipolar 1 diagnosis, I needed...


3 Things I Have Learned By NOT Seeing A Psychologist

December 15, 2016

Finding the right professional for you can be frustrating. But if you are currently not seeing a psychologist, there are several things to keep in mind: Around three months ago my psychologist of two years stopped practice. It was a shock and something I had not anticipated. It might not be a surprise to some...


Coping with Medication Change

Beth Brownsberger Mader
October 15, 2016

If you have bipolar disorder, changing medications can result in many challenges. Here are some tips to take on those trials.       I’ve been on the same medication cocktail for over seven years. I think. It’s been so long, I can’t remember. You see, when that particular set of meds was put together,...