Bipolar and Anxiety

Articles and blog posts relating to anxiety as a symptom or dual-diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Bipolar Support for Anxiety

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Jumping for Joy, Free from Fear: How Frogs Can Help Us Distinguish Mania from Joy

Melody Moezzi
July 24, 2018

That scary line between healthy feelings of euphoria and terrifying symptoms of acute mania isn’t nearly as narrow as I once thought. By Melody Moezzi   I love frogs. Have ever since I was a kid. Their beauty, diversity, and versatility fascinate me. And while I’m no herpetologist, I know more about frogs than the...


3 Simple Ways to Silence Social Anxiety—Right Now

bp Magazine
July 23, 2018

Social anxiety is painful and can make you feel inferior, self-conscious and even humiliated. Try these strategies to tackle your fears #1. Create constructive mantras Empowering self-talk can do wonders to boost your confidence. Instead of worrying about how people may be judging you, try replacing these thoughts with phrases like, “People like hanging out with...


4 Go-To Tips to Take on (Unbearable!) Social Anxiety

Brittany Sibley
July 13, 2018

Getting busy striking up a simple conversation or just helping an event organizer can allow you to ease discomfort in situations with A LOT of people By Brittany Sibley   Over the years I have realized a few things related to my journey with Bipolar I. The fact that I can experience hard core anxiety...


Discovering Your Stress-Free Sanctuary When Living With Bipolar Disorder

Karl Shallowhorn
June 19, 2018

It’s important to find a place where you can escape daily stressors and focus on activities that build stability when living with bipolar disorder. By Karl Shallowhorn   When I had my last (and hopefully final) bipolar episode, I was particularly vulnerable and hypersensitive. I also was experiencing paranoia that only served to add to...


Building a Lifestyle of Stability—Coming to Terms with Work Limitations

Emily Allen
June 5, 2018

Recovery doesn’t just happen—It is a lifestyle. It may involve adjusting your work schedule and making other life changes, and that’s OK. By Emily Allen   Somebody said something wise to me today: He said that recovery is “a lifestyle.” It’s something you choose and that you work toward, not something that just happens to...


When Anxiety Manifests as Anger—Taming Your Temper

Natasha Tracy
June 4, 2018

While they are two different feelings, anxiety can fuel intense anger—it’s important to recognize this so you can prevent taking these feelings out on others.   Today I want to talk about anxiety and anger, and, specifically, whether anxiety can manifest as anger. Right now I’m having problems with anxiety. This has to do with...


Is Social Media Sabotaging Your Mental Health and Mine?

Susie Johnson
March 26, 2018

If you are dealing with bipolar disorder symptoms, social media can lead to more anxiety—but limiting your time on social networks can help.   By Susie Johnson   I grew up in the dinosaur days of the good old 1980s. We had no cell phones, no Facebook, no Twitter etc. I even remember having a...


Stress or Bipolar Anxiety? How to Tell the Difference

Julie A. Fast
March 22, 2018

Learning to tell the difference between stress from a specific source and bipolar disorder anxiety can help you in managing both. By  Julie A. Fast   First, I should clarify the role anxiety plays in bipolar disorder. Bipolar is a mood disorder that has two mood swings: mania and depression. All of our symptoms will...


Discover Your ‘Heart of a Champion’: Bipolar and Confidence

Emily Allen
March 14, 2018

Taking up kickboxing is helping me cope with my chronic anxiety. But it also makes me realize that I always have had the heart of a champion. You do, too.   By Emily Allen   I had a therapist once who would tell me that I was a strong, but sweet person. He would say...


8 Technique to Take on Stress with Bipolar Disorder

January 12, 2018

Bipolar disorder symptoms often include intense stress. Luckily, there are some simple strategies that can help, such as talking it out. By Lisa Acuña   Living with bipolar disorder can sometimes be a full-time job. As someone with a Bipolar II diagnosis, I feel the effects of stress very profoundly. A bad night’s sleep, a medication...