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Building and maintaining your marriage when your spouse has bipolar can be challenging. Check out the articles below for personal stories, practical advice and tips on maintaining healthy relationships with your husband, wife or partner.

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‘You Want Me to WHAT?’ How Trusting Friends and Family Can Help Ease Bipolar’s Grip on Our Minds

Julie A. Fast
June 21, 2018

Sometimes it helps to trust that our loved-ones can provide valuable insight into our behavior to help us cope with symptoms.   By Julie A. Fast   My mom is by far my biggest support. She has always been here for me even when she had no idea how to help me. It has been...


Tough Conversations: How To Talk To A Loved One About Getting Treatment For Bipolar

Julie A. Fast
May 23, 2018

Talking to someone about getting help for their unmanaged bipolar is more effective if you make it about you instead of them. By Julie A. Fast   Talking with someone about getting treatment for bipolar disorder can feel like walking into a lions’ den before the lions have been fed. Depending on their current mood—or...


Love, Bipolar Disorder, and Being Worth It

Carin Meyer
January 15, 2018

My husband could say I am “worth it” despite my bipolar illness, but he does not. Instead, we both say that is a question that should never be asked. By Carin Meyer   When it is below zero and I am ice fishing on a frozen Alaskan lake, I concentrate all my energy on catching...


Medicine Is No Magic Potion for Bipolar Disorder

Brad Hoefs
October 23, 2017

When you have bipolar disorder, no medication can truly change your attitude or thinking, as I learned from my late father.  It takes hard work. By Brad Hoefs   My dad was the first person I knew who had bipolar disorder.  It was back in 1975 that he had a “nervous breakdown.”  For months he...


The ‘Hijacked House’: Tips for Parents of Adult Children with Bipolar Disorder Living at Home

Julie A. Fast
October 12, 2017

If your adult child and his or her bipolar disorder symptoms are taking center stage, than you may be living in a “hijacked house.”   By Julie A. Fast It is a bit of a “joke” to talk about how many millennials have moved back in with their parents.  But when the millennial has bipolar...


Love and Bipolar: Real-Life Tips From Four Long-Term Couples

Donna Jackel
October 1, 2017

Will love really keep you together? Well … yes. Love PLUS these secrets to a successful, long-term relationship from four couples living with bipolar disorder. by Donna Jackel   What’s the secret to a successful relationship? For answers, we turned to four couples who illustrate key aspects of maintaining a long-term, satisfying partnership while living...


5 Things I’ve Learned Being a New Parent with Bipolar Disorder

David Wise
April 1, 2017

I often wondered what parenting with bipolar would be like, but nothing could prepare me for the reality of having a new baby to love and to care for.   On March 2, 2017, I became a new parent to our first living child, Pablo Phoenix Wise. It’s been a whole new adjustment ever since....


3 Stigmatizing Things Not To Say To Someone Living with Bipolar

Gabe Howard
February 24, 2017

Know someone living with bipolar disorder? Watch this video featuring Gabe and his wife to learn 3 stigmatizing things you should never say to someone with bipolar.   Gabe: I’ve brought my wife along – Kendall: Kendall Howard – hi! Gabe: -to talk about three stigmatizing things that you should not say to somebody who is...


Sheila Hamilton Opens up About the Importance of Suicide Prevention

Sheila Hamilton
February 14, 2017

Sheila Hamilton was recently awarded the Judy Cushing Life award for her efforts in preventing suicide. Here are her comments to supporters of Lines for Life, the Northwest’s 24-hour Suicide hotline. Seven years ago, in this room, on a night much like tonight,  I was still struggling with how to make sense of the loss...


Bipolar & Relationships: Coping with Change as a Couple

Beth Brownsberger Mader
February 10, 2017

Even in a great marriage, handling major life changes while also managing bipolar disorder is challenging. Step back, take a breath, persevere! By Beth Brownsberger Mader   The return to our beloved Colorado last spring after 17 years happened quickly, though we had been planning it in our hearts for some time. It was a...