Diagnosing Bipolar in Children and Teens

Articles and information from therapists, psychiatrists and families on the process of diagnosing a bipolar child, and the diagnosis or misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder in children and teens.

Blogs and Articles

SOUNDOFF! Diagnosing Bipolar in Children

bp Magazine Readers
November 8, 2005

Have you experienced challenges getting your child properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder?   bp Readers respond:   I have had a lot of trouble in getting my 11-year-old son diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I love and respect our psychiatrist very much and would never switch. I have bipolar I disorder, mixed, and two daughters who...


Understanding & Supporting A Teen With Bipolar

Nicole Peradotto
May 8, 2005

These are not the easiest years for any family to get through, especially if life is complicated by a teen diagnosed with bipolar.   Andrea worried about her son’s behavior from the time he was a little boy. Max’s tantrums seemed excessive, even for a toddler. He slept terribly and suffered such strong separation anxiety...