7 Signs That Bipolar Depression Is Brewing


If the onset of depression always seems to surprise you, here are seven signs that your mood is headed south.

#1) Withdrawing from social interaction

Regardless of whether you are naturally introverted or extroverted, if you find yourself struggling to socialize, bipolar depression could be on the horizon. Make note of ‘red flag’ behaviors such as not returning calls or texts, cancelling regular activities with friends, or even altering your daily routine to avoid social interaction at the grocery store or mall.

#2) Impaired memory

One of the hallmark symptoms of bipolar depression is the presence of cognitive-based symptoms. As such, small impairments in memory—misplacing things, struggling to remember your daily to-do list—may be indicative of a downswing into bipolar depression.

#3) Daily tasks seem to take more energy than usual

Bipolar depression is notorious for its energy-zapping prowess—referred to as psychomotor impairment. Be on the lookout for times when you find daily tasks, such as brushing your teeth or cooking breakfast, feel overwhelmingly (and uncharacteristically) difficult.

#4) Unexpected feelings of guilt:

It is not uncommon for those entering a depressive episode to feel immense guilt, even over the mundane. If you find yourself feeling guilty over situations not within your control, take note and seek support—remember it’s just the depression talking.

#5) Difficulty concentrating:

Although this is a common symptom experienced periodically by many with bipolar disorder, those experiencing bipolar depression may experience this much more frequently. It’s not uncommon for those slipping into a bipolar depression to have ‘hazy’ incomplete thoughts, and an inability to think clearly.

#6) Irritability and uncharacteristic angry outbursts:

If you find yourself irritated, or even angry, at the most mundane of situations, you may be on the cusp of bipolar depression.

#7) Changes in sleeping patterns:

Pay special attention to small changes in your sleep patterns; research has found that people with Bipolar I depression are more likely to experience hypersomnia— trouble staying awake during the day or prolonged nighttime sleep—and people with Bipolar II depression are more likely to experience insomnia.

  1. I say im in the middle of this. Too many symptoms all at once. This is a great group of people. Thanks for being here to listen and support

  2. I moved 700 miles from the state I loved in for 14 yrs. I left some very important family.behind. I now live with my dad. The second major thing to happen. I have had several extreme situations going on over the last month or so. I am in a relation ship with a married man. I havent been able to work for a month due to weather and circumstances. I have always had sleep issues bit they are extreme now. I have always had some level of mood disorder but they too are extreme. Beyond my.control. I have no interest in anything at all. Have considered suicide and have followed through with cutting. I feel like I have no control over anything at all. I have no insurance and I have an autoimmune disease. Ive had bad experience with mental hospitals before and don’t really wanna go back to one.

    1. I don’t have all the answers but some thoughts that could maybe help …
      Simplify your life . Cut negative relations ships. Supportive friends are crucial. A married man should not take advantage of you when you are not feeling strong.Tske a break from him.
      Try to eat healthful foods. Talk to your dad about helping you find a therapist and support group.
      Keep a journal where you write 1 positive thing about yourself or your day. It sounds goofy but positive self thoughts become habit after practice. If you are a prayer, pray
      Peace to you .

    2. How about don’t be a whore all women who sleep with married men are a disgrace to women and the universe

      1. What the hell??? This post should be removed by the moderator! This is NOT something you say to a suicidal person unless you are just plain evil! Just Me: I feel your pain because I have been right where you are many times. Especially after my husband died 4 yrs ago. I was a mess and I tried to kill myself two years ago. I have bipolar 2 disorder and PTSD. What helped me was really coming to terms with my spirituality which led me to learn to love myself first. I was always looking outside of myself to find love which always set me up for failure and despair. You must learn to love yourself more and unconditionally. To come to the realization that you are enough. You are all you need. You must nurture that inner child and self soothe and give yourself back your power and never let anyone steal your power. End things that are no longer serving your highest good. That includes relationships with people that do not have your highest good at heart. You must learn to love you and count on you and to trust you in knowing that you are enough and you are all you need. Your life matters. You have a purpose and God-given gifts to share with the world. Let your light shine and never ever be afraid to say no and to set your boundaries!. Boundaries are the single most important necessity in taking the first step to loving yourself first. Stand strong in your power. Take one step towards spirit, and spirit will take a thousand steps towards you. God bless and Namaste

      2. This forum has no place for comments like yours. Keep your unruly member zipped!

      3. This is not helpful clearly this person needs support not judgement

    3. It’s crucial that you get help. PLEASE talk to your dad. Most cities have access to at least minimal mental health services for those without insurance. Dig, tho! Sometimes it’s hard to locate them. Ask your dad to advicate for you. Get him educated too. Educate yourself at the same time. You desperately need to get help, likely with meds. Also, many catholic services offer income-based fees for counseling so that you can afford to see somebody for talk therapy. You’ll still need meds (most likely), but a good therapist can be a wonderful thing. Also, note that it may take a few therapists to find a good fit. In the meanwhile, hang in there. There is always a great sunset, a new friend, a good meal, or some other GOOD thing around the corner. Again, PLEASE get help.

  3. I feel like sleeping beauty somedays and oscar the grouch zombie other days. I have a very huge th ing that impacts my life that comes with my bipolar. I have hypersomnia. I sometimes sleep 16 hours a day during a deeper depression. I cant stay awake 3 hours without feeling exhausted. It has affected my marriages who wants to be with someone that can’t get out of bed. It affects my grown children, they can;t understand why I sleep my life away. I have decided to never date or get involved again because the hypersomnia is so paralyzing to me. I can’t expect someone to have to wait for me to wake up before an adventure. That is the hardest thing I have to deal with Bipolar Disorder. I get angry at myself for wasting my life away by excessive sleep. No one understands and now I don;t put others in the position to have to deal with me sleeping. This kind of life works for me because it doesnt stress me out by trying to do things I don’t have energy to do. I have also heard that I have slept excessively since I was 3 weeks old. It takes me less than 7 minutes to be snoring and i have had sleep studies done.

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