Don’t Trust Everything You Think: 10 Myths I Believed about Bipolar Disorder

Carrie Cantwell
September 9, 2019

I have bipolar; my father had bipolar; my mother is a mental health professional. I couldn’t possibly have fallen for any of the myths surrounding bipolar disorder, right? Wrong! Here I identify and debunk the top 10 myths I believed about my diagnosis. I was diagnosed with bipolar 18 years ago. My dad was diagnosed...


Taking Yourself On: Worst-Case Scenario Thinking

Debbie Jacobs
September 7, 2019

“Ugh! This is the WORST!” We’ve all said it. We’ve all thought it. But if you’re consistently thinking about how things can go wrong and expecting the worst, you might be stuck in a worst-case-scenario thought pattern. The good news: You can break this pattern and start a new one. Here’s how. Worst-case-scenario thinking is...


The Siren Call of Bipolar Mania

Julie A. Fast
September 6, 2019

When you are in the midst of a depressive episode, mania can call to you like a Siren. Its song is alluring, promising you freedom and joy. But chasing the melody of mania is sure to lead to disaster and wreckage. I hate bipolar depression so much, I often think of taking a substance that...


The Importance of Owning Our Story

Laura Fisher
September 3, 2019

What are you afraid of? What are your limitations? What have you overcome? What makes you powerful? In short: Do you own your story? I am in the process of owning mine. Here is how I’ve made progress so far. “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives...


Wired and Tired: Untangling the “Mixed Features” Episode

Brooke Baron
September 2, 2019

Experiencing an episode with “mixed features” can be especially confusing. You might ask yourself, “Am I up? Or am I down?” And, sometimes, the answer is, well … BOTH. Doctors can classify particular bipolar episodes as having “mixed-features” (the jargon is “Mixed Features Specifier,” or MFS, for short). The qualifications for this distinction are to...

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